Oxford United Methodist Church
Saturday, February 06, 2016



Dr. Arun Paul

Senior Pastor

Contact Info: arunpaul@oumc.org or 513-523-5115 
Office hours:  By appointment

Donna Sargent

Lay Pastor of Congregational Care

Contact Info: donna_mae_caywood@yahoo.com or 513-255-3733.

Amanda Moseng

Youth Co-Director

Contact Info: youth@oumc.org. or 740-361-1112  

Michael Hart

youth Co-Director

Contact Info: youth@oumc.org or 513-523-5115

Molly Franklin

OUMC Learning Ministries Director

Contact Info: kids@oumc.org 

Brian Choi

Pastor, International Ministries


Jim Menninger

Director, Wesley Campus Ministry

Contact Info:  jmenninger@oumc.org or 513-523-5115.



Jessica Smith

Organist and Director of Music

Contact Info:  jsmith@gbc.edu or 513-523-5115.

Bob Mucha

Chancel Choir Director

Contact Info: moochsr@gmail.com or 513-523-5115.

Katie Gibson

Bel Canto Choir Director

Contact Katie at 513-523-5115 or gibsonke@miamioh.edu.

Susan Walker

Office Administrator

Contact Susan at 513-523-5115 or oumc@oumc.org.

Scott Kuehn

Church Sexton

Contact Info: 513-523-5115.