Oxford United Methodist Church
Wednesday, February 10, 2016


Position Description


The Oxford United Methodist Church


PURPOSE OF THIS POSITION: To be responsible for the Chancel Choir. To work with the Senior Pastor, the Director of Music, the Organist/Keyboardist and others engaged in the planning of worship services to achieve coherent and meaningful worship experiences for the congregation.




Organize, rehearse, plan repertoire for, and conduct the Chancel Choir. Utilize a wide variety of repertoire such as the following: anthems, sacred classics, spirituals, hymns, gospel songs, and newer praise songs.  Also,


  1. Encourage church attendees to become part of the Chancel Choir

  2. Work with the Music Director in finding ways to involve other church musicians (strings, woodwinds, brass, and guitars) in the accompaniment of the Choir repertoire.

  3. On Sundays that the Chancel Choir sings, have an Introit and Anthem prepared.

  4. Coordinate with the Director of Music, Pastor(s), Organist/Keyboardist, Handbell Choir, Music Director and others who plan worship, in the selection of music for various services

  5. When needed, attend staff meetings and other planning sessions to prepare for services

  6. Find a replacement director any Sunday the choir is scheduled to sing and the Director cannot be there due to illness or emergency

  7. Oversee and organize the choral library and database

ACCOUNTABILITY: This position reports to and is supervised by the Senior Pastor. The Senior

Pastor will confer with the Director of Music and other appropriate individuals on matters concerning the Choir Director’s performance of responsibilities. The Senior Pastor and the Director of Music, with the Choir Director’s input, will evaluate this position at least once annually. SPRC will review the evaluation.

HOURS: Part-time. Conduct Chancel Choir three to five Sundays a month during the academic

school calendar year and conduct one to two regularly scheduled practices every week the Chancel Choir is singing. These rehearsals have typically been Thursdays at 7:00 p.m., and Sundays at 10:00 a.m. However, rehearsal times can be modified if mutually agreed upon by Conductor, Director of Music and Chancel Choir members.

SALARY: Salary recommended annually by SPRC and approved by the Leadership Team.

Continuing education reimbursement as requested with amount determined by SPRC and approved by the Leadership Team.